Pokemon Go's new 'Appraisal' feature: What it is and how to use it

Find out your Pokemon's fighting strengths and weaknesses with this new feature.

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Watch this: Pokemon Go 'Appraisal' reveals more details about each one

Your team leader will tell you all about your Pokemon's fighting qualities.

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Pokemon Go has finally gotten another update and those elusive team leaders finally have a job after a couple months of rumors and hopeful wishing from players.

Team leaders now teach players about a Pokemon's attack and defense capabilities. Niantic calls this new ability a "Pokemon appraisal." Luckily, you don't need to find a gym to speak with your team leader.

How to get your appraisal

Go to your Pokemon screen and tap on the one you would like to know more about. Tap the round button in the lower right-hand of the screen to open the menu. Instead of trading the Pokemon in for candy, tap the Appraise option.

Your team leader -- Candela, Blanche or Spark -- will pop up on the screen and will ask if you want to know more about the Pokemon.

Tap the screen. After reading the text, tap the screen again to continue the conversation. Your team leader will tell you the Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses through various screens. They hint at the creature's hidden individual values (IVs), underlying stats that govern how powerful the Pokemon can become.

The team leaders will also tell you if your Pokemon is large or on the puny side. Some believe that heavier Pokemon hit harder while smaller Pokemon dodge better, though this hasn't been confirmed by Niantic. There are some achievements for capturing small Pokemon, so knowing the size can be helpful.

Decoding the appraisal

What the team leaders say can be somewhat vague, though. GamePress thinks they broke the code. They posted a list of all the comments a leader may say and the Individual Value (IV) that relates to the comment.

Here are a few examples in the video: