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YotaPhone boosts battery with a second screen on the back

The YotaPhone is an Android phone that solves the modern curse of rubbish battery life with a novel dual-screen design.

The YotaPhone certainly has gotta lotta bottle. It's a prototype Android phone that solves the modern curse of rubbish battery life with a novel new two-faced design.

The YotaPhone boasts not one but two 4.3-inch screens -- one on the front and one on the back. The twist is that the traditional full-colour high-definition touchscreen is complemented by a low-powered ebook-reader-style black and white E Ink display on the other.

Even cleverer than that, you can pass stuff from one screen to the other, so you can have the time or, say, your travel ticket details displayed on the low-powered E Ink display rather than running down the battery using the main screen.

Both sides are protected by toughened Gorilla Glass. And between the screens is a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 chip, with 4G also on board.

Yota is a Russian company, part of Russian phone network Yota Mobile. Phone networks around the world are looking at the two-faced phone, which is currently at the prototype and is set to arrive in Autumn 2013.

We're expecting to see the YotaPhone at technology extravaganzas CES in January and Mobile World Congress in February. Your CNET team will be at both trade shows, so watch this space for more on the YotaPhone and all of 2013's hottest new gadgets.

In this country, only Orange puts its name on phones, but the Orange San Francisco 2 and Orange San Diego are nothing like as crazy as the double-sided YotaPhone.

Would you buy a double-sided mobile phone? What crazy features would you like to see in a new mobile? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.