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Yes, someone put an Apple Watch in a blender

The downside to being the hottest gadget on the block is that a surprising number of people want to destroy you, often literally. And sometimes they want to see if you'll make a nice smoothie.

Always remember to remove your wearable before performing this test. Blendtec

Some marketing gimmicks die hard. But with the release of the Apple Watch, which got delivered to customers on April 24, blender maker Blendtec and the "Will it Blend?" guy are back to put the watch through a torture test that's more of an execution.

It's hard to tell how much time the Apple Watch actually spent in the blender, as it seems to hold up pretty well for the first few seconds, but as usual, it eventually begins to lose its form.

Now, clearly, I like a good device torture test as much as the next blogger -- if not more -- but this routine is becoming kind of predictable. To get a better idea of how the Apple Watch will respond to more, uh, likely kitchen mishaps, CNET's Sharon Profis had a little too much fun getting sadistic (and wasting a lot of perfectly good Nutella) in our own torture regime, which you can see here.

Turns out CNET didn't need to blend the Apple Watch, because a cast iron pan did the trick instead.

Watch the "Will it Blend?" video for yourself below but, spoiler: it blends.