Yahoo Mail blamed for Windows Phone 7 'phantom data' leak

Microsoft has confirmed the Yahoo Mail app is responsible for the 'phantom data' leak that caused some Windows Phone 7 handsets to mysteriously burn through extra data.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway

Some mobiles running Windows Phone 7 have been the victim of a 'phantom data leak', with phones chugging down 3G data even when they're not supposed to. Microsoft has admitted there is a problem, which was causing many WP7 users to rattle through their data allowances in no time at all, CNET News reported last month.

Now the company has revealed that Yahoo Mail is to blame. The software giant told Windows Phone Secrets that there's an "inefficiency" in the way the Windows Phone email client syncs with Yahoo Mail. That's a polite way of saying data has been going astray.

Don't worry though -- Microsoft has the solution. It's worked together with Yahoo to fix the problem, with an update due in the next few weeks that will stop your precious Internets leaking out into the atmosphere.

For now though, if you need to put a stop to dribbling data, you can go to the Windows Phone 7 settings menu and switch the 'download new content' option to manual, and changing the 'download email from' settings to 'the last seven days.'

Fingers crossed that should sort the issue while Microsoft and Yahoo work furiously through the night cobbling together a fix.