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Xtand allows hands-free iPhone fawning

Bandwagon alert: it's another iPhone accessory in the form of a rotating aluminium stand called the Xtand.

Bow down, pilgrims. Bow down to the iPhone.

If you plan to buy a handset as gratuitously worshipped as the iPhone, you're going to want to display it appropriately. Why keep it in a pocket or casually placed on your desk when you could showcase the vaunted device on a plinth or pedestal?

That's the idea behind the Just Mobile Xtand, a rotating aluminium stand designed specifically to gently hold and show off your spanking new Apple device. The name may be unpronounceable, but the concept is simple: place the Xtand in a prominent location on your home, office or school desk, insert iPhone and put the local St John Ambulance crew on standby in preparation for the mass swooning at the sight of the messianic device.

As for the Xtand's functionality, a quick look at the specs list confirms it's little more than a glorified easel, albeit with a faintly industrial design. Features include the ability to display the iPhone horizontally or vertically, an adjustable viewing angle, non-slip feet and a hole to feed your cables into. Nothing to get all hot and bothered over, but in these precious few pre-iPhone-launch weeks it's far from the silliest accessory we've seen. It's even rather fetching in a minimalist, Jobs-compatible way.

The Xtand is available in July for AU$39.95.