Xiaomi teases new Mi Max phablet

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi will launch a new phone soon, and it will be big.

Xiaomi will soon be launching a new phablet called the Mi Max.

If size matters not for you, then Xiaomi's upcoming Mi Max phablet could be just what you're looking for. The company recently teased its new device in its MIUI fan forums, with a picture of the phablet in the pocket of a pair of jeans.

While it made no mention of the device's actual size, Xiaomi said the phone will be bigger than its current largest -- the Mi Note Pro with a 5.7-inch display -- and smaller than the 7.9-inch Mi Pad 2. If the Mi Max fits in a pocket, as photographed, the size could be somewhere around 6- to 6.5-inches.

Xiaomi also says that, unlike its other phones, the Mi Max won't have any Mi branding on the front panel. We'll have more details on the Mi Max when it debuts on May 10 in Beijing.