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Xiaomi will launch a new 'product' in January

The Chinese phone manufacturer announced its plans to reveal a new "global" product at CES 2017.


Electronics manufacturer Xiaomi may be a relatively small Chinese company, but it's setting its sights worldwide. Recently, Xiaomi announced that it'll unveil an all-new product at CES 2017 on January 5.

Based in Beijing, Xiaomi made its name selling electronics of all kinds -- including phones, fitness bands, electric bikes, robot vacuums and even a rice cooker -- at lower prices than its rivals. While Xiaomi sells most of its goods throughout Asia, often through flash sales online, the company has been expanding its footprint into India, Brazil and even the US when it released the Mi Box set-top box this year.

This will be Xiaomi's first CES, but not its first massive electronics show. The company unveiled the Mi 5 phone at Mobile World Congress last winter.

Besides saying that the product will be all-new, the product could really be anything. Maybe (and I'm just throwing things out there) it's a washing machine, a competitor to the Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers or maybe even a phone. We'll be paying attention to rumors on this one.

Xiaomi did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

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