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5 cheap Bluetooth headphones that will work with the iPhone 7

Looks like the next iPhone won't have a headphone jack. Luckily, you don't need to spend a lot to replace your wired pair.

If the rumors and leaked product photos are to be believed, the iPhone 7 won't have a headphone jack.

The horror!

This might require a little decision-making, either now or down the road. Obviously you can keep your current iPhone if you like (at least for a while), or you can call Apple's bluff and switch to Android.

A great option for the gym, the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless is a steal at $40 refurbished.

Sol Republic

But if you're planning to buy the new iPhone and you've previously relied on wired earbuds or headphones, it's time to consider a Bluetooth option. There are several advantages to cutting this particular cord, not the least of which is eliminating that forever-tangled, always-in-the-way cord.

Best for: The gym

If you've ever used wired headphones at the gym, you know how easy it is for cords to catch on equipment. That's why a Bluetooth set makes a lot more sense anyway.

Needless to say, that set needs to be sweatproof, otherwise your 15-minute treadmill warmup might short-circuit the earbuds before you lift a single weight. I also recommend a noise-isolating headphone that can block out loud lifters and whatever radio or TV is blaring in the background. After all, you want to be able to hear your own music and podcasts, right?

There are countless inexpensive gym-friendly earbuds that fit the bill -- most of them from brands you've never heard of. Hit up Amazon and you'll literally find dozens of "sweatproof Bluetooth earbuds" priced at $40 or less.

However, I recommend the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless, a sweet-sounding in-ear Bluetooth headphone with a list price of $99.99. However, Amazon is currently selling them refurbished for as little as $39.99, depending on color. I've been using these at the gym for the past six months; they've been outstanding.

Best for: Running

These Cambond earphones come with hooks so they won't fall out of your ears.


Runners don't need high-fidelity headphones; they need earpieces that will stay put and resist sweat. My preferred pick: the Cambond Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone.

Available on Amazon for $29.99, these runner-friendly 'phones have earhooks to help keep the earbuds from falling loose.

They run for close to 10 hours on a charge and include inline play/pause and volume controls along with a microphone.

The Cambonds also support Bluetooth 4.1, meaning you can keep two different devices paired (very handy) and even come with a zippered, hard-sided carrying case.

Best for: Around the house

When you're just kicking back and enjoying some tunes, consider an on-ear pair that's comfortable for long bouts of listening.

Comfortable means expensive, right? Not necessarily: CNET's David Carnoy is a fan of the Creative Sound Blaster Jam, an on-ear headphone that lists for $49.99 and routinely sells for $36.99 on Amazon.


Although you won't mistake these for a set of Beats, either in style or comfort, you will enjoy a lightweight, head-friendly design for considerably less money. Perhaps most amazing, these Bluetooth 'phones include NFC for one-tap pairing to devices that support it.

Best for: Planes and trains

Noisy environments demand noise-isolating earbuds, the kind that form a soundproof seal inside your ear canal. (That's called passive noise cancellation; headphones with active noise cancellation -- which rely on electronics rather than rubber -- tend to cost quite a bit more.)

A great bet: Skullcandy's new Ink'd Wireless, a collar-style earphone priced at around $50 and available in your choice of colors.

According to CNET's David Carnoy, who reviewed the Ink'd Wireless, you can expect a very lightweight design, large controls on the neckband and nicely balanced sound.

Best for: Keeping your current 'phones


Don't want to part with the awesome wired headphones you already own? Apple will almost certainly provide a Lightning-to-headphone adapter, but that's a hassle on so many levels. Instead, consider an adapter that will add Bluetooth capabilities to any wired headphones.

Like this one from Jumbl. Priced under $20, the little gizmo (which features a handy belt-clip) lets you plug in any 3.5mm stereo plug, then pairs with your iPhone 7. It runs for 10 hours on a charge and includes handy transport/volume controls (something your wired headphones most likely lack).

And there you have it! Loads of Bluetooth headphone options priced under $50.

Money not an object? Check out CNET's roundup of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for iPhone 7.