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WSJ: Sprint to reveal dual-screen Kyocera Echo at Feb. 7 event

Sprint's NYC event promises to reveal another industry first. Could that be a dual touch-screen smartphone?

Bonnie Cha Former Editor
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Bonnie Cha
Will the dual-screen Kyocera Echo be revealed tonight?

Sprint's New York event is today and the carrier promises to reveal another "industry first." For weeks, the tech community has tried to guess what that industry first might be but for once, it looked like a company was going to escape the usual leaks and spoilers. But not so fast.

A new report by Wall Street Journal says Sprint will reveal a dual touch-screen smartphone by Kyocera at this afternoon's press event. Citing a source familiar with the situation, the Android device will be called the Kyocera Echo and sport two 3.5-inch touch screens.

The dual displays can be placed side by side (perhaps something similar to the Acer Iconia) to allow you to work on two tasks at once or drag an item from one screen to the other. The handset is also said to feature a pivot hinge, so you can tuck one screen under the other and use it like a traditional touch-sceen smartphone.

No additional details of the Echo were revealed, and both Sprint and Kyocera declined to comment. However, we don't have to wait too long for the full details, as the press conference is just a few hours away. Maggie Reardon and I will be there to live blog the event, so be sure to tune in here at 3 p.m. PT to catch all the latest news.