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World's ugliest iPhone case gets artsy

As part of a contest, Case-mate is asking buyers of the company's $.99 cardboard iPhone "recession" case to decorate their purchases and upload photos of what they've created. The results are pretty fetching.

Perhaps you remember Case-mate's 99-cent cardboard iPhone "recession" case, which we wrote about back in September and deemed one of the better product publicity stunts in recent memory. Well, Case-mate is now hosting a decorate-your-recession-case contest with users submitting photos of their creations. The pic with the most votes wins a Suzuki moped from the '80s.

We gotta say, the entries are pretty amusing, and while cardboard is never going to look upscale, the decorated cases are pretty hot in a sort of avant garde way.

Check out the slideshow below and feel free to let us know your favorite. We'll add more photos as entries come in (thanks to Case-mate for allowing us to post them here).

Note: The contest ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on November 30, 2009. To enter, visit