Zynga data breach exposed 200 million Words with Friends players

How do you spell "data breach?"

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Oscar Gonzalez
Words with Friends

Zynga is in the hot seat. 


A hacker is reportedly claiming responsibility for a September data breach of popular mobile game Words with Friends that may have resulted in the theft of information from more than 200 million players accounts, including names, email addresses, login IDs and more.

A hacker that goes by the name Gnosticplayers said they stole data from over 218 million Words with Friends player accounts, according to a report from Hacker News on Sunday. The hacker accessed a database that included data from Android and iOS players who installed the game before Sept. 2, according to the report.

Publisher Zynga did confirm there was a data breach of account login info for Draw Something and Words with Friends players on Sept. 12. The game company says law enforcement was notified and there is an ongoing investigation into the hack. On its support announcements page, Zynga says it took steps to protect accounts from invalid logins, and some users were required to change their passwords. 

Mobile apps have become frequent hacking targets. On Saturday, food delivery service Door Dash said almost 5 million accounts were accessed in a data breach. 

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