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Withings' Activite and Activite Pop watches are now Android-friendly

Starting March 2, you'll be able to connect a Withings Activite or Activite Pop watch to an Android phone or tablet.

Lynn La/CNET

Withings' stylish fitness trackers, the Activite and the Activite Pop , can now sync with Android phones, the company announced at Mobile World Congress 2015.

The two smartwatch and fitness tracker hybrids were only compatible with iOS at first, but now Android owners can use them, too. Not only will the Withings Health Mate Android app sync with these two watches, you'll also be able to sync the data they capture with Google Fit, Google's health dashboard app.

Both watches are unique in that they track your activity like a Fitbit or Jawbone Up can, but they also show you the time with an old-fashioned analog display. What's neat about them is that you don't set the time manually, instead you do it in the app and they will automatically update if you change time zones. Unlike other fitness trackers, there's no recharging, since the battery lasts up to eight months and is changed just like you would with any other not-smart watch.

The Activite watch is available for purchase now for a hefty $450, while the Activite Pop goes on sale in the US this month at Best Buy stores and online for just $150.