Windows Phone Mango to support front-facing cameras, mobile hot spot

New details emerge that indicate Windows Phone Mango will also bring video calling and mobile hot-spot capabilities.

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Bonnie Cha
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Back in May, Microsoft teased that the Windows Phone Mango update would bring more than 500 new features to the mobile operating system. We've already seen more of the major changes during our Windows Phone 7.5 preview, but it looks like more goodies are to come, including support for front-facing cameras and Internet sharing.

According to the site Windows Phone NZ, which also tweeted the news, Microsoft confirmed at the Tech Ed conference that Mango will support front-facing cameras and also integrate Skype. It's not clear, however, whether Microsoft will make this a hardware requirement on all of its new Mango handsets or just some.

In addition to video calling, a reader at WPCentral sent along a screenshot that showed Internet sharing/mobile hot-spot capabilities on a Samsung Focus running Mango. The user, Justin, said the feature worked "like a charm" but also drained the battery.

When asked for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson said in an e-mail to CNET, "There is a lot to be excited about and we look forward to sharing more information soon."

The Windows Phone Mango update is scheduled for release this fall, with new devices expected later this year.