Windows Phone 7 update failing again

Fresh complaints arise--especially for Samsung handset users--after Microsoft tries once again to roll out an update for it mobile OS.

David Meyer Special to CNET News.com

Windows Phone 7 updates for Samsung handsets using that operating system are still not working, according to online forum reports.

Microsoft restarted the rollout Wednesday, 10 days after it first tried pushing out the update--a relatively minor revision that was intended to facilitate future updates, but also the first to be attempted for the Windows Phone 7 platform. That first attempt failed for one out of 10 users, particularly those with Samsung phones.

However, fresh complaints began to appear on the Microsoft Answers forum on Wednesday. The complaints focused onupdates getting to certain point then failing, with the same error message.

Microsoft's Twitter account for Windows Phone 7 support has posts on the matter, telling customers that the company is "looking into it right now to find a resolution" and advising "holding off on [applying the update] while we investigate the issue."

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