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Windows Phone 7 performance boost shown on video

Microsoft talks about some of the changes its made to Windows Phone 7 to improve performance.

At CES 2011, Microsoft provided little detail about its upcoming Windows Phone 7 update, other than to say that it would bring copy-and-paste and performance improvements. Needless to say, the lack of information was disappointing, but at least the performance enhancements look promising.

The guys over at Anandtech got a demo of the forthcoming update on video and as you'll see, the app load times are significantly faster. In the side-by-side demo, Bejeweled loaded 16.9 seconds faster on the updated phone compared to the handset running the current version of Windows Phone 7.

The Microsoft representative notes that the company did a number of things to boost performance, but the most important element was changing how the system manages memory. However, as Aaron Woodman, director or Microsoft's mobile communication business, told CNET, the update affects apps differently. Graphics-intensive, front-loading apps will see the most benefit, whereas text-driven apps might not see as much improvement.

Having experienced the slow load times in our review of Windows Phone 7, especially with games, we certainly welcome this. We'd also welcome a release date for the update, but so far Microsoft has remained mum on the issue.

(Source: Electronista via Fierce Wireless)