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Windows Phone 7 coming to all UK networks, HTC confirms October launch

All five major UK mobile phone networks will be supporting Windows Phone 7 at launch, while a slip of the tongue by an HTC exec indicates the launch will be next month.

It perhaps won't be the biggest surprise you have today, but the five major UK mobile networks -- Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and 3 -- will all carry Windows Phone 7 handsets.

And if a statement by an HTC exec is correct, we'll be seeing the launch as soon as October, which buttresses previous rumours. Phones have been leaking a-plenty in the run-up, with details of two more devices revealed today -- the HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Trophy.

The HTC HD7 leak consists of a couple of schematic drawings provided to WMPoweruser by the same source who provided the video of the HTC Mozart we saw earlier. The HD7 apparently has a 4.3-inch screen, dual LED flash and a dedicated camera button, but no more details are forthcoming. Pictures of a device branded with the name HTC 7 Trophy have also surfaced on

We've also seen Windows Phone 7 phones leaked from the likes of Asus, LG and Samsung, so it's clear Microsoft is trying to get as many networks and manufacturers involved as possible. This is the obvious move to make if Microsoft wants to get as many handsets out as possible.

Microsoft has started from scratch with Windows Phone 7, which has a completely redesigned user interface. Users will also have access to unlimited streamed music through Zune for a monthly fee, plus a number of games at launch, as well as Xbox Live connectivity.

Windows Phone 7 is coming late to the smart-phone party, but you can never bet against a company with the bottomless pockets of Microsoft. Manufacturers and the networks obviously agree, so the only thing is to get the handsets in our, er, hands. Roll on October!

Image credit: Wikipedia