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Windows help for Web pages

Blue Sky Software will ship software that places help buttons on Web pages, linking them to any Windows help file in seconds.

Help is on the way for World Wide Web authors, according Blue Sky Software. The La Jolla, California-based company will ship software late this month for placing help buttons on Web pages, linking them to any Microsoft Windows help file in a matter of seconds.

SmartHelp ActiveX Control is designed to increase productivity by eliminating the need for Web authors to write their own help instructions for Windows applications, Blue Sky said. Using Internet Explorer's advanced features, the software will allow Web authors and software developers to "drag and drop" Help files with no source code or programming needed, the company said.

The software will also include a "button gallery," offering users a choice of graphical help button models for use on Internet and intranet sites. The software may also be used in Visual Basic 4.0, Visual C++ 4.x, Access 95, and Visual FoxPro 3.0 applications, the company said.

SmartHelp ActiveX Control will not be available as a standalone product, however. The company plans to offer it as a royalty-free feature in four separate software packages for creating help instructions. They are RoboHELP 4.0, RoboHELP 4.0 HTML Edition, WinHelp Office 4.0, and WinHelp Office 4.0 HTML Edition.