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​Windows 10 Clipboard is a direct iPhone- or Android-to-Windows conduit

Universal clipboard for the win.

Windows 10 enables cross-platform clipboard via a downloadable keyboard.
Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

A lot of people, myself included, find sharing files across phones and PCs to be challenging. Wireless seamless phone-to-computer sharing, however, is starting to happen. Microsoft's newly announced Windows 10 Clipboard, a feature of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update unveiled at Microsoft's Build developer conference, shows a lot of promise.

Clipboard allows sharing by copy-and-paste from Windows 10 machines to Windows 10 machines, but also from phones to Windows 10. It'll work on iPhones or Android phones, copying "just about anything," according to Microsoft. That includes links, photos, maps, text or GIFs.


How the shared file links look on a phone's Swiftkey keyboard.

Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

The clipboard feature cleverly happens via the SwiftKey keyboard, which -- when installed on iOS or Android -- will offer its own tools for sharing or receiving files from Microsoft's cloud.

Apple enabled versatile cut-and-paste clipboard support across Mac and iOS last year, but Windows 10's outreach to Android and iOS suggests the type of versatile sharing that will hopefully continue to develop across platforms in the future via the cloud. Microsoft doesn't have a killer phone platform right now. In the meantime, deeper support for iPhone and Android phone owners seems like the necessary way to go.

It's an alternative idea to Windows Continuum, which used turned a Windows phone into a full PC. Clipboard suggests Microsoft is just eager to get other phone users onto Windows PCs, too.

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