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Win a top-of-the-range Eclipse speaker setup worth £400!

What? You want more free stuff? Alright then -- how about we give you the chance to win an audiophile-grade speaker setup from Eclipse? Will you be satisfied then?

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly hit you with any more free stuff, we're lining up the knockout punch -- we're now giving away a top-of-the-range speaker setup worth £400.

Eclipse has kindly given us one of its Time Domain TD307PAII systems, which should satisfy even the hardest-to-please audiophile.

This premium piece of kit consists of two high-performance speakers and a matching high-grade amplifier, which can be fed directly from any iPod, hi-fi or personal computer.

It's designed in such a way that every element is functional, yet it still manages to look exceptionally stylish -- this setup would blend in with the smartest of minimalist interiors. The egg-shaped speakers are renowned for their accuracy and clarity. There are no flat surfaces to send sound bouncing off in odd directions, and the rigid structure ensures tones resonate in the purest fashion.

If you're passionate about the quality of your music, you really must enter this competition now. Visit our Win Things section in Digital Living, click on the Eclipse competition and answer the multiple-choice question in the purple box. Someone, somewhere, will soon enrich their listening experience no end.

Good luck! -Kate Macefield