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Win a pair of tickets to the BT Digital Music Awards 2006

Experience the celebrity lifestyle for an evening by entering's competition to win tickets to an exclusive music awards ceremony

Famous people are cruelly put upon. They not only earn humiliatingly large amounts of money for trivial amounts of work, they also have to spend their life being given freebies, fending off desirable members of the opposite sex and going to interminable awards ceremonies. is offering you the chance to experience the bitter disappointment of the celebrity lifestyle first hand -- we're giving away a pair of tickets to the BT Digital Music Awards 2006. You can't buy tickets to this hideously exclusive awards ceremony, which will be attended by a host of stars and key figures from the music industry. Nominees for awards include Lily Allen, The Streets, Kasabian, Girls Aloud and Will Young.

To win the tickets, all you need to do is answer one simple question. The winner will be given a pair of tickets to the event, as well as to the VIP party afterwards, at which he or she will face the grave misery of being forced to mingle with the artists and bands.

To find out more, visit's competition page. The competition will close on 26 September. -IM