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Will Samsung rush GS5 out the door in January?

A Korean site founded by former Samsung staffers says the next Galaxy smartphone could just be a couple months away and pegs it to a recent slowdown in GS4 sales.

The Galaxy S4 (left) and the Galaxy S3.
The Galaxy S4 (left) and the Galaxy S3.
Josh Miller/CNET

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could be just a couple of months away, as a new report suggests that the sequel to the Galaxy S4 will be rushed out following a recent slowdown in sales.

Korean site Naver -- founded by ex-Samsung staffers, incidentally -- reports that the S5 will be revealed in January. Rumors allege that the S5 will pack a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. It also allegedly will house a Samsung Exynos processor rather than a Qualcomm processor. Fingers are crossed for a powerful eight-core chip, which appears in the S4 but only in selected countries and not in the UK or US.

The timing of the GS5 is only a rumor, however. And because the S4 only went on sale in late April, it's a rumor that should be taken with a pinch of salt. Even if the S4 sales have slowed lately, don't forget that 20 million flew off shelves in the first two months alone.

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