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Wi-Fi on the rise

roundup Wi-Fi technology has the spotlight this week at the 802.11 West conference in Seattle, where Microsoft, Toshiba and others are finding more ways to put wireless to work.

Wi-Fi technology has the spotlight this week as the wireless crowd gathers for the 802.11 West conference in Seattle. Microsoft, Toshiba and others are finding ways to get wireless working for consumers and corporations. It's hot stuff--though it may fall short when the subject is "hot spots" for easy, public access. And if radio waves aren't your thing, there's always infrared.

Wi-Fi's new job: Doing the dishes?
Once a one-trick pony, the wireless networking technology is now popping up in a variety of places, from the church to homes and offices.
June 18, 2002 
Microsoft boosts Wi-Fi security
Microsoft will extend the security measures now found in its Windows XP operating system to Windows 2000 and the slimmer version of the OS used in handheld devices.
June 17, 2002 
Toshiba handheld packs Wi-Fi
The company's new e740 Pocket PC incorporates 802.11b wireless capabilities, though at $599 it's at the high end of the consumer handheld market.
June 17, 2002 
For two home devices, wireless is more
New software promises to turn handheld computers into universal remote controls, and hardware from Toshiba aims to be a hub for photos, music and data.
June 18, 2002 
Looking for a few good "hot spots"
The 802.11 West conference will address Wi-Fi sector frustrations, including a shortage of cafes, hotel lobbies and outdoor parks in which people can access networks for a low price.
June 16, 2002