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Why 'You Suck at Cooking' is one of the best channels on YouTube

One of my favorite channels on YouTube shows you how to make delicious recipes, but is also hilariously funny.

One of the biggest breakout hit channels on YouTube -- and one of my favorites -- is all about food.

Episodes from "You Suck at Cooking" regularly get over a million views and for good reason: It isn't your garden variety cooking channel. Instead, along with directions for making various dishes, you get original music, hilarious skits and clever commentary that keeps you laughing while learning about food. Though the identity of the narrator is a mystery, you can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter, both with the handle yousuckatcooking.

I collected a few videos to give you a sense of what the channel is all about.

To start off, in this episode, you'll learn how to make what he calls The Sandwich of Justice. But it's not just about the sandwich; there's also a police drama with eggs as the cast. Sounds strange? It is, but it's also awesome. Check it out:

As you can see, while you will get cooking direction on this channel, you'll also like to watch it for the comedy. In this one, you'll find out how to get creative with your macaroni and cheese. The names of the variations he makes are particularly funny.

In this one he makes a breakfast burrito and the egg police drama continues.

Finally, in this episode, he makes beef stew. His fake fire to make it cozy while he eats is hysterical!

This is just a small collection of episodes from "You Suck at Cooking," but I recommend them all!