Whoops! BlackBerry rep shows off secret phone

Mexican site Hola Telcel posts a video with a BlackBerry rep demoing the company's L-Series phone -- a device that is supposed to be a secret.

A BlackBerry repshows off the company's new L-Series phone.
Hola Telcel
Someone forgot to tell a BlackBerry rep in Mexico that the company's newest L-Series phone is supposed to be a secret.

The rep demoed the phone to Mexican site Hola Telcel, which posted a video online. During the clip (below), the rep shows off features of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system like the ability to virtually "rewind" a photo taken with the device to settle on an expression you most prefer.

The video isn't the first leak about the device, with photos and video showing up last month. RIM is counting on the new devices to help it better compete against Apple and the Android handset vendors, particularly Samsung. The company hasn't provided many specifics about the device thus far, but the L-Series is expected to hit stores early next year.

Here's the video from Hola Telcel (requires Vimeo login):