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White Samsung Galaxy S seen in Korea, coming to the UK?

A white version of the Samsung Galaxy S has been spotted in Korea, and a leaked image shows that it may be coming to Spain. Will we get white in the UK?

The Samsung Galaxy S is white-hot, proving to be one of the most popular smart phones of the year. Now it's literally white -- if you live in Korea, where Samsung has launched a white version of the phone.

We're waiting for a comment from Samsung on our chances of seeing the great white Android in the UK, but we're not holding our breath. Don't give up hope though -- a white Galaxy S was spotted on the website of a Spanish shop by GSM Arena, which could be a sign that it's already being buffed up for the European market.

People pining for a white Galaxy S could try having a Christmas-truce-style détente with iPhone 4 lovers, who must wait until the end of the year for their new bleached-blonde baby, according to Orange.

Our love of white phones was whetted by the HTC Magic -- still one of the best-looking smart phones ever -- and the white HTC Hero, which had a soft, strokable Teflon coating.

If you just can't wait for white, check out our mobile price comparison section for a host of other phones suitable for the Arctic. In the meantime, here's another shot of the white Galaxy S that you can't have, held by a smug lady who's got two.