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White Nexus 4 sold out on Google Play

The snowy-hued version of LG's popular mobile is "no longer available for sale".

Bad news if you were planning on snapping up the Nexus 4 in white today, as Google's pale, popular product has completely sold out.

Head on over to Google Play and you'll find the cupboard bare, with eager phone fans having sucked up Google's entire reserve of the white, quad-core mobile. Both the 8GB and 16GB variants are gone, with the site's listing offering only that the phones are "no longer available for sale".

If you're absolutely desperate, it looks like T-Mobile is still selling the white version, though you may not find the same bargain price shoppers enjoy when they get the Nexus 4 unlocked from Google. Check out the slideshow below for some hands-on snaps of the phone that now lies agonisingly beyond your reach.

If you're feeling glum about the sold-out smart phone, console yourself with the fact that only its back plating was actually white, while the front of the well-received mobile was ordinary black.

The Nexus 4 impressed us with its low, low price tag, but doesn't have LTE, making it useless to U.S. phone shoppers who crave speedy data.

Are you dismayed at your sudden inability to purchase the white Nexus 4? Or will you soldier on with a Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One instead? Let me know in the comments.