White iPhone 4 a mere myth? Apple delays it -- again

Apple has delayed the release of the white iPhone 4 until next spring, meaning we could be in the complete grips of iPhone 5 hype before we actually see it in the flesh.

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

Like the unicorn, the white iPhone 4 has become something of a fairy tale, a beacon of pearly phone tech we've seen in pictures, but never had the opportunity to touch and feel. It's beginning to feel like we never will with the hallowed device delayed again, this time until spring 2011, according to Reuters.

Apple usually releases their new handset in June, which means we'll be anticipating the iPhone 5 by the time the white iPhone 4 finally comes out. The ivory wonder has already been delayed a couple of times, but we were under the impression we could have it by Christmas. That isn't happening, even though it was recently put up for pre-order in the Apple Store app -- an obvious blunder from Apple.

Considering white is the company's signature colour, it's very strange that Apple has taken so long to release the white iPhone 4. Apple being Apple, it has never fully explained the delay, apart from it being "challenging to manufacturer". There has been speculation about the reasons, which include discolouration due to heat, colour-matching problems and an issue with the backlight.

We doubt many of you are holding off buying an iPhone 4 so you can purchase a white one, but if you are one of those people, you might as well give up. By the time spring rolls around, iPhone 5 hype will be in full swing, and Apple may even have a white model available at launch. If you're lucky.

Apple has had various cockups this year with the iPhone 4. The worst was the issue it had with its antenna, which meant call reception was cut if you held the phone in a certain way. Another is an alleged issue with slider cases breaking the glass screen. But nothing seems to make a dent in the demand for the phone, which has been phenomenal.

If you're really desperate for a white iPhone 4, there is a way, but you'll have to do things to your black iPhone 4 that Steve Jobs won't approve of. A website called WhiteiPhone4Now offers a DIY service that involves taking your iPhone 4 apart and sticking a white kit on it, as reported by our sister site CNET.com. Taking matters into your own hands does void your warranty, though, so it would take a really desperate soul to do this (347 at the last count).

What do you reckon are the reasons for the delay? Do any of you care about having a white version of a smart phone? Let us know.