White iPhone 3GS discoloration blamed on overheating

Various sources on the Internet are reporting that the white version of the iPhone 3GS is overheating and turning brown or pink.

David Martin
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David Martin
David Martin

Reports of heat-related discolorations appearing on the white model of the iPhone 3GS are surfacing on the internet.

According to Wired.com's Gadget Lab some white iPhones are getting so warm that their plastic cases are discoloring to pink or brown. The article continues with other examples and suggests that the issue could be related to faulty power-management software in iPhone OS 3.0.

Ben, an iPhone user in France, took this photo of an affected white iPhone. Le Journal du Geek via Wired.com

Other Web sites reporting the issue include Nowhere Else, Le Journal du Geek, iLounge.com and Engaget. We've previously covered heating complaints linked to Wi-Fi on the iPhone 3G and you can find the a discussion thread on the topic on Apple discussion forums.

Is your iPhone 3GS overheating? Does it get noticeably warm when used with apps like AT&T's Navigator? Has the case shown any discoloring? Let us know in the comments.