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White HTC Touch Diamond: Ice, Ice baby

Stop the presses, HTC has recently announced that the Touch Diamond is coming out in white. Finally, a phone that matches your trainers

If the thought of carrying around another black gadget in your pocket fills you with despair then you'll be glad to hear that the HTC Touch Diamond is coming out in 'ice white'.

Of course a change in colour doesn't make it a better phone and as you'll know if you read our review, we're not exactly overwhelmed by the Touch Diamond. It's not HTC's fault per se, it's more Windows Mobile hampering touch screen phones -- it's just not an OS that we thinks works very well with a finger. And using a stylus is so 2003.

But if you're looking for a phone that handles email well and you're not up for composing massive text documents on the go, then the HTC Touch Diamond could be for you. Add to that the funky white casing and you can be a true Windows Mobile loving rebel who doesn't care about the iPhone and uses a stylus like a sword of business. Click here for our full review of the HTC Touch Diamond and video review. - Andrew Lim