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Which Galaxy devices sync with Samsung Gear 2, Neo, and Fit?

Samsung has revealed the 20 Galaxy phones and tablets that sync with the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches -- oh, and the HTC One M8 sneaks onto the list too.

Samsung Gear smartwatches are compatible with 20 Galaxy phones and tablets. CNET

Which Samsung Galaxy devices sync with the Samsung Gear Fit fitness tracker, Gear 2 smartwatch, and the Gear 2's wallet-friendly sibling the Gear 2 Neo ? Glad you asked, dear reader, because we have the answer to that very question right here.

The wrist-wrapping wearables are compatible with 12 Galaxy smartphones and 8 tablets to track your fitness, see your messages and chat to friends without taking your phone or tablet out of your pocket or bag. The brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 tops the list, with a built-in heart rate monitor that combines with the Gear devices to keep tabs on your fitness.

The Galaxy S4 is in there too, and its spin-offs -- including the extra-rugged Galaxy S4 Active, ideal for outdoor pursuits and energetic exercise that could see your phone take a beating or a dunking.

Read on for a handy pictorial guide to the devices in question -- and find out which rival phones sneak onto the list too.

The Galaxy phones that sync with Samsung's Gear smartwatches. Samsung

Here's the list of Samsung phones that sync with your wrist:

The Galaxy tablets that sync with Samsung's Gear smartwatches. Samsung

And here's the list of tablets compatible with the Gear smartwatches:

To start your phone or tablet talking to your wrist, download the Gear Manager or Gear Fit Manager app.

Samsung readily concedes that the smartwatches will sync with other rival phones, including the Google Nexus 5 and brand new HTC One M8 . Samsung does note though that with these other phones certain features don't work.