When it comes to wearables it's better to be Fitbit than Apple, say analysts

Industry number-crunchers say basic wearables like fitness bands are on the rise, but more advanced smartwatches like the Apple Watch are failing to excite shoppers.

Simplistic wearable gadgets such as fitness bands are triumphing over more sophisticated smartwatches in the wearable war, analysts say.

Gadget-maker Fitbit's "dominance remains unchallenged" in the wearable industry, according to IDC, which says the wearable market overall grew 26.1 percent between April and June this year.

It's "basic wearables" such as affordable exercise trackers that are flourishing however, accounting for nearly 83 percent of all wearable gadgets shipped during the period according to the research. More sophisticated products like the Apple Watch are struggling meanwhile, with the data pointing to a 27.2 percent year-over-year decline in the number of wearables that support third-party apps.

Apple's shipment volumes decreased, says IDC, though says this is primarily due to the lack of a new Apple Watch in the spring, which was the anniversary of the first model. Apple is holding an event tomorrow where the new iPhone is almost certain to be shown off, potentially alongside a revamped Apple Watch.