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WhatsApp May Soon Work on Your Wear OS Watch

An official app for Wear OS watches is reportedly in beta testing.

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WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Meta, is reportedly testing an app for Wear OS. That means if you own a Google Pixel Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or other smartwatch, you may soon be able to send text and voice messages right from your wrist. 

The app is now available to people in WhatsApp's beta testing program, reported 9to5Google on Monday. It's unclear when it might get a full release. Meta didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

So, how will WhatsApp work on Wear OS? To set up WhatsApp on a Wear OS device, you'll reportedly need to enter an eight-digit code from your watch to your phone app. Then you'll be able to scroll through past messages and respond with a voice message or via a system keyboard, according to 9to5Google. The app will reportedly also display information in group chats like "People in this conversation" and "Open on phone."

While there may be third-party apps available, the WhatsApp app is currently available for download on Android, iOS and Mac. Already, smartwatch owners are able to use some functions of WhatsApp, such as receiving notifications or simply sending a reply, but the Wear OS app will expand WhatsApp's features.

The beta test announcement for Wear OS comes after WhatsApp last month unveiled an update that allows users to link a single account to more than one phone. On Wednesday, we may learn about more updates that affect Android smartwatches and devices at Google IO, the company's annual developers conference

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