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Nokia is 'up to something' -- so what's in the box?

Finnish company Nokia is set to reveal its new direction after selling its phone business to Microsoft.


Nokia is "up to something" -- and it looks like that something is the Finnish company's first major product launch since it stopped being a phone company.

"Guess what?" says Nokia, tweeting a picture of a mysterious black box. What could the box be?

We'll find out tomorrow: Nokia has been teasing us with social media posts promising "an exciting week" and including the hashtags #thinkingahead and #Slush14.

Slush 2014 is an event held in Helsinki for startups and technology companies on 18 and 19 November, and the box will be opened when Nokia's head of products business, Sebastian Nyström, takes to the stage on Tuesday to talk about Nokia's future.

Nokia may once have been the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, but we know the black box isn't a handset. The part of Nokia that makes phones was sold off this year to Microsoft in a multibillion-dollar deal, leaving the Finnish company to continue making networking equipment and also running the Here maps apps and services. Whatever the mystery box contains, it could mark Nokia's new direction.

Although Microsoft initially kept using the Nokia name on its Windows Phone smartphones, Microsoft has now ditched the name starting with the newly announced Microsoft Lumia 535 -- setting the stage for Nokia to begin releasing its own products with the Nokia brand stamped on the side.

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