What We Didn't Get From Google's Pixel 7 Event

From updates to Google Assistant to the rumored foldable phones, these are all the ways Google jilted us.

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The Pixel 7's display.

Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

Google has unveiled its latest smartphone with two models -- the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro -- and a brand-new watch, the Pixel Watch. Yet there were plenty of potential products the company didn't announce at its event Thursday.

The search giant's consumer wing offers everything from smart home devices like the Nest Audio and the Nest Thermostat to the latest software for the popular Android smartphones. Aside from these established products, there are also rumored devices like Google's answer to the foldable phone that were conspicuously absent.

When I asked CNET's Scott Stein what the company missed out on he (jokingly?) told me that it didn't announce a new hovercraft. That's something you could park alongside your Apple Car, perhaps.

Here are some of the possible products and services Google didn't mention at its fall event today.

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Pixel Fold


Google's patent application included several sketches of a potential foldable device.


Folding screens are one of the biggest design changes in the history of smartphones, and Google has been rumored to be working on its own foldable, called the Pixel Fold. But while the Pixel 7 was unveiled in all its glory, nothing was said about a potential rival to Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4


Android 13 logo on smartphone
Sarah Tew/CNET

Pixel phones and new releases of Android go together hand in hand, so it was kinda disappointing to not see any updates on Google's handheld OS. That said, while it wasn't announced at the event, the latest Android 13 beta (QPR1) did go quietly out to developers yesterday.

Smart home

Google Nest Learning Thermostat displaying 70 degree temperature

Looking for an update on the Nest Thermostat? Not today!


If you were looking forward to more smart home news, after the announcement of the Nest Video Doorbell and Nest WiFi Pro earlier this week, you'll have been sorely disappointed. Surely there was a speaker, or something, right?

Smart speakers


No Nest Audio Max for you!

Chris Monroe/CNET

It's been a while since Google refreshed its smart speaker line, with the most recent being the Nest Audio back in 2020. Given that the company hasn't had a larger speaker since it killed off the Google Home Max, it's a shame we didn't see any new releases. Also, I'm always hopeful that a redesigned Chromecast Audio will make an appearance, but a new audio dongle designed for existing speakers is a pipe dream at this point.

Google Fi

Google Fi logo
Sarah Tew/CNET

Google Fi is the company's mobile carrier service and while the company has made some changes this year, including making its plans cheaper and extending Wi-Fi calling to iPhone users, there were no updates this time around.

Updated at 3 pm PT: Removing Google Assistant from this list since Google did announce new features including voice typing and quick actions on the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch.