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What is Android? Find out in this handy video

If you're new to smart phones you'd be forgiven for wondering what on Earth Android is. Don't worry -- Flora's here to explain everything in a quick video.

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Drew Stearne
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We write about Android all the time, but if you're new to smart phones you'd be forgiven for wondering which adorable robot we're referring to. Don't worry -- Flora's here to explain everything in a fun little video.

Android is Google's answer to the iPhone, but unlike Apple's smart phone, it's not just one device, it's an army of them. Android is the software that powers them all. Because there are so many people using the same thing, it means there's a huge selection of apps, or programs, for you to download. These often connect to the Internet and let you do things like update your Facebook status, see what movies are on nearby, or order your groceries.

Android also makes it easy to have all your email contacts and friends in one phonebook, alongside your calendar and social networks. Of course it all works best with Google's products, but it syncs fine with all sorts of services too. A really good Web browser lets you visit all your favourite sites while you're out and about.

There's a huge assortment of phones that use Android, from modestly priced starter handsets, such as the Orange San Francisco, to huge-screened behemoths with superfast processors and amazing cameras, like the HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S. Make sure you check out our reviews section for all the information you could ever need.

The only problem with this huge choice of phones is that each manufacturer feels the need to add their own software on top of Android. These 'skins' can be very useful -- HTC's is excellent -- but often they're pointless and worse, slow down the process of updating the software.

If you buy a handset that's locked to a network this takes even longer, so that there can be months between Google releasing a new version of Android, with fun new features, and you being able to play with it on your phone. Of course you can use your phone just fine in the meantime, but no one likes to wait.

Hit play for much more detail -- and make sure you watch till the end to catch some superb dance moves from Ms Graham. It's special.