What iOS 7 feature excites you the most? (poll)

Betcha can't pick just one. But give it a try: Tell us which new iOS feature was the one that made you sit up and cry, "Yay!"

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
iOS 7: Pretty? Or pretty ugly?
iOS 7: Pretty? Or pretty ugly? Apple

It's official: iOS 7 arrives this fall, bringing with it a Cook's ransom in new features and a fairly radical new design.

I suspect the latter will spark the most conversation, with some users no doubt finding the much-ballyhooed "flat" icons just plain flat. (My take: They've transformed from pretty to ugly. I like the new fonts and overall design, but those icons look really amateurish.)

Ah, but on the feature front, iOS 7 doesn't disappoint. Apple packed in so many badly needed updates and improvements, it's hard to know where to tap first. With that in mind, I've put together a poll spotlighting some of the most noteworthy new features, and would love to know your pick for the single most exciting one.

For example, are you most jazzed about Control Center? The new Safari browser? A higher-IQ Siri? Vote in the poll, then hit the comments to talk about what you like -- and don't like -- about iOS 7. (I'll kick-start the latter conversation: No update to Maps?! Are you kidding me?)

Of course, if there's something else you find especially exciting about the new OS, something not listed in the poll, let's hear about that as well.