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What a Camera.

The Pre's camera is dandy.

2 min read
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I am traveling this weekend so posting during that time might be skimpy, but I promise to have a bunch of stories and adventures with the Pre as a result. For now, I wanted to take a quick mention about the Pre's handy camera.

First, my only teensy little nitpick with it. In order to turn off the shutter sound, you have to put the entire phone on vibrate. There should be an offering to divorce those two. I want to keep my ringer on, but I have no use, ever, for the shutter sound and actively find it annoying. I had the choice to do so with previous Palm phones, why not on the Pre?

That is it, though. Everything else about the camera I love. The quality of photos that it takes are outstanding and well beyond my expectations for a phone. It is so good in fact that I have found myself leaving my portable digital camera at home more and more. Add in the instant ability to send the photos to Facebook, or to friends via messaging and it is a slam dunk.

Once I get a few more pictures taken from different times, I will explore how easy, or even possible, it is to organize them on the phone into albums. I am hopeful that it is something I can do easily through the file system while connected via USB to a computer. I have also yet to test out the video functionality and quality, but rest assured that will be done this weekend. Until then.