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Wear part of the Starship Enterprise on your wrist

The Starwatch app for Android Wear lets your smartwatch mimic the look of the "Star Trek" spacecraft's computer system.

Suddenly, I want an Android Wear smartwatch. Daniele Bonaldo

The look of the computer system on board the Enterprise from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is still one of the most distinctive creations in fictional computing. It's known as LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) and many Trek fans secretly wish their computer interfaces looked just like it.

You may not be able to run LCARS on your home machine, but you can at least get the look on your Android Wear smartwatch. Starwatch is a free app available in the Google Play store that turns your Android Wear watch face into a perfect little replica of LCARS.

Starwatch is pretty simple. It displays the time, date, and Unix time, which you can pass off to casual observers as the stardate. The sweep of colors ranging from peachy-orange to nearly lavender really bring home the "Star Trek" look.

Starwatch was created by Daniele Bonaldo, who says he is developing a version to work with round-screen smartwatches like the upcoming Moto 360 . He notes that fitting it to a circle will require a "new interpretation," especially since pretty much all the Enterprise screens have squared-off edges.

Starwatch may not convince people to go out and buy an Android Wear device, but it should certainly appeal to "Star Trek" fans who already sport the wearables. It will fit in with your Starfleet uniform as you stroll around your local comic convention, and you'll feel like Captain Picard as you talk to your smartwatch in everyday situations. Unfortunately, it won't make tea, Earl Grey, hot suddenly appear when you ask for it.

(Via Technabob)