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Watch how easy it is to accidentally order an Xbox One through your Apple Watch

One-click buying from Amazon, plus a tiny smartwatch screen, leads to unintended consequences.

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On the first day of the Apple Watch's official availability, we decided to demo some of the leading apps for the smartwatch via Twitter's Periscope app in a loose, improvised session. Taking questions from the viewers of our livestreaming video, broadcast from the CNET kitchen in New York, we demoed a couple of Apple Watch apps, including Fandango and Amazon, and also discovered one of the shortcomings of app interaction on such a tiny screen.

During a demo of the Amazon app on the Apple Watch , Scott used voice commands to search for a couple of items, getting the best result when he searched for an Xbox One gaming console. He saved the item to a wish list, while specifically warning against tapping the very large one-click ordering button that took up most of the screen. A second later, while waving his finger to emphasise that point, he accidentally touched the Apple Watch screen and an Xbox One console was immediately ordered in his name, thanks to the single-step one-click ordering process.

The reaction was priceless, with plenty of "lol" comments from the live viewers on Periscope. Unfortunately, our exported Periscope video doesn't include the social media interactions, but our shock and amazement at how easy it was to order a $300-plus game console makes this short 2:30 video worth a viewing.

Fortunately, Scott was able to log on to his account from a laptop and cancel the order before it was too late. Hopefully now he knows better about careless finger-waving near a live app on the Apple Watch.