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Watch 15 demo videos of Motorola's ICS skin. Yes, 15

Motorola has released a series of videos showing off its skin for Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Motorola promised the Razr would get Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of next month, and it looks like it's true to its word.

It's released a series of videos showing off Android 4.0 running on the device, using its own skin à la HTC Sense, Droid Life reports. Despite Moto's tweaks, it's still recognisably Android. Click through to see all 15 of the blighters.

Like HTC with Sense and Samsung with Touchwiz, Motorola has made Android 4.0 its own by adding its own user interface, Motoblur. So what extra functions do you get? Among the goodies are Webtop 3.0 screenshots, a new lock screen, time-lapse video, a new browser and dialler and a new look for notifications.

This first video is in Japanese. 

 Still with us?  

Not long now. 


As well as the Razr and Razr Maxx getting the jump to ICS soon, a new handset named the Razr HD has been tipped that'll come running the software straight out of the box. As well it might, seeing as Google (maker of Android) now owns Motorola. Motorola previously said it would only update handsets to ICS if it would improve the phone's performance, so it'll be interesting if it sticks to this policy now it's under Google's wing.

At least Motorola has been upfront about which handsets will get the ICS upgrade, unlike some other phone makers. For a full list, go here and see if your handset will get the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment.

A Google engineer recently said waiting half a year for the update is reasonable, which pretty much sums up the debacle.

Leaked ICS ROMs for the Razr have been doing the rounds online for a while now, but this is the first official look at how it should run.

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