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Want your Pebble smartwatch to work past June? Rebble is your friend

Some Pebble features go bye-bye on June 30. Sign up with Rebble to save them.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Perhaps you've heard: On June 30, owner Fitbit is ending cloud services for Pebble's fan-favorite line of smartwatches. That means no more app store, voice recognition, SMS and email replies, timeline pins, forum, or easy way to develop for the platform.

But there may be a way to keep your Pebble fully functional: an independent team called Rebble has pledged to keep the cloud services alive. And you'll need to go link your Pebble account before June 30 if you want them to import your information, according to a new Rebble blog post.

Here's the part where you say "Surely, Sean, you aren't telling us to hand our information to strangers?" But they're not entirely strangers. Former Pebble tools dev Katherine Berry is heading up the project, and Pebble founder and former CEO Eric Migicovsky is endorsing the request:

I mean, don't do it if you don't want to. Your Pebble will still do plenty even without cloud services. But I sure did.