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Want the most cash for your old Fitbit? Do these 2 things first

If it's time to say goodbye to your fitness tracker, here's what you should do before selling a Fitbit.

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If you have an older Fitbit, you might be looking to upgrade to the latest Charge 5. Maybe you're changing to a different wearable altogether, like an Apple Watch Series 7 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Whatever the reason, there are a few steps you should take to make sure you're not giving away your personal data -- or your credit and debit card information if you've been using Fitbit Pay for contactless payments.

The same rule applies whether you're selling a phone, fitness tracker or any other gadget that has identifiable information: make sure to unpair and factory reset before you go any further. You might also want to manually sync the Fitbit tracker or watch with your phone one last time just to make sure the latest data is captured, especially if you are upgrading to a newer Fitbit.

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Unpair and wipe your data from the Fitbit

Depending on which Fitbit model you have, this may be a two-step process. Some older Fitbits will automatically clear your data when you remove it from your account within the Fitbit app. Others, like the Charge 3 , Ionic and Versa series, will also need a factory reset to wipe data.

To remove a Fitbit from your account, go to the Fitbit app then tap the Today tab. Tap your profile picture, then tap the image or name of the device you want to remove. Either select the trash can icon (Android) or scroll to the bottom of the page (iOS) and press Remove. You can also remove a device from the Fitbit web interface.

Now you'll want to factory reset your Fitbit. For a Charge 3, Charge 4, Ionic or Versa tracker, go to Settings > About > Factory Reset or Clear User Data. For the Ace 2 or Inspire , go to Settings > Clear User Data. For other Fitbit devices like the Aria scale, follow Fitbit's instructions here.

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Find the best price for that used Fitbit

Once you've packaged up the old Fitbit with its charger and any other accessories like extra straps, it's time to sell. Just like if you were selling a phone, you'll want to do some shopping around to find the best deal you can get. There are several buyback sites that will take Fitbit trackers and watches, although they might not yield the highest return. Here are the best places to sell your electronics.

Best Buy will trade-in several Fitbit models for electronic gift cards, although prices will vary based on the condition and age of the tracker.

I did some research on prices for older Fitbit models and it may not be worth your while if you have a particularly old model such as the original Charge or  Charge 2  -- they're generally going for anywhere between $2-$10 on the bigger buyback sites. Here's the best way you can recycle your used gadgets.

The best price will likely come from selling your old Fitbit through eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace sale. 

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