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Walmart expands mobile wallet service Walmart Pay to 15 more states in one week

The service lets you pay for items via your smartphone, but it's good only at Walmart stores.


Walmart Pay has expanded to more states as it strives to go nationwide during the first half of the year.


Attention, Walmart customers: You can now use Walmart Pay in a host of additional states.

On Thursday, the retail giant announced the expansion of its mobile payments service to Michigan, Virginia, the Carolinas, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee.

Like other mobile payment services, Walmart Pay lets you use your smartphone to purchase goods on the fly. The service is accessible through Walmart's mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Launched last December, Walmart Pay is one of a raft of payment systems, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, that let you make purchases through your phone. But unlike the other options, Walmart Pay is a proprietary system that works only at the retail giant's stores.

Walmart Pay is based on a QR code checkout system. That means you simply open the Walmart app during checkout and scan a code displayed at the register. An electronic receipt is then sent to the app. Walmart is the only retailer to offer its own mobile payment service, and Walmart Pay supports all major credit and debit card as well as pre-paid and Walmart gift cards.

The company has been busy lately rolling out Walmart Pay to more states. On Monday, the service launched in Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi, and on June 16, it landed in Alabama. These four states plus the new ones announced on Thursday make a total of 15 over the course of one week. Walmart has previously stated it expected to launch the service nationwide before the second half of 2016.