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Walmart gets the jump on Black Friday with November 1 holiday sale

Just as Halloween ends, holiday deals begin. Walmart's first holiday sales start November 1.

iPad Mini 2 deal at Walmart
The iPad Mini 2 is available at a discount in store and online. screenshot by John P. Falcone/CNET

Yesterday was Halloween, but now it's already time for Christmas.

Well, Christmas and holiday shopping, anyway.

In the past few years, we've seen that Black Friday deals are no longer exclusive to the day after Thanksgiving, and 2015 seems on track to continue that trend in a big way. Many retailers will be offering sales for the entire months of November and December. We here at CNET will be tracking the deals and bringing you the best ones.

Of note this weekend is Walmart. The world's biggest retailer will kick off its holiday deals Sunday, November 1 -- and run them for the next eight weeks straight.

The biggest deal Walmart is touting ahead of time is the entry-level Apple iP​ad Mini 2 with 16GB of storage for $199 -- a savings of $70. That's a pretty great deal for a tablet that's still well worth buying, and half the price of the new iPad Mini. The deal is available online and in stores.

The company is also highlighting two online-only deals: a 48-inch RCA LED Smart HDTV for $300 (down from $320) and a Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S3 for $99 (down from $179). Both of those seem less compelling, however. The phone in particular is a 2012 model that's outdated and likely won't get the latest software updates, which could leave you more vulnerable to malware. You're better off picking up a new Moto G for $179, or waiting for a deal on a better device to popup.