Wake up to a weather forecast on your iPhone's lock screen

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Here's how I start my day: I snooze my iPhone's alarm once (OK, fine -- twice), roll out of bed, walk to bathroom, and brush my teeth while checking email and the weather. With a hidden tidbit of iOS 12 , I now get a brief but detailed weather forecast right on my iPhone lock screen to help streamline my morning routine. Here's how to set it up.

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Lock-screen weather forecast

You need three ingredients to get a lock-screen weather forecast on your iPhone: iOS 12, the Stock weather app set to always know your location and the Bedtime alarm.

I've been using the Bedtime alarm since iOS 10; I love it because it saves me from needing to set an alarm each night, and a gentle alarm that slowly increases in volume is a much more civilized way to wake than a simple blaring alarm. It's even better with the secret lock-screen weather forecast that iOS 12 adds.

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To set the Bedtime alarm, open the Clock app, tap Bedtime and set your Bedtime and Wake times. Next, tap Options and toggle on Do Not Disturb During Bedtime. This setting dims the display and silences all calls, texts and alerts during your bedtime hours. What goes unsaid is that this setting also displays the weather forecast on your lock screen. 

Once you unlock your phone, the forecast disappears and doesn't return until the following morning when your alarm goes off. Also, the forecast doesn't appear while you're snoozing your alarm. When you turn off the alarm, it appears until you unlock your iPhone or tap the Dismiss button at the bottom to to get rid of it.

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With your Bedtime alarm set, you'll need to make sure that the Weather app is set to always know your location or it won't send the forecast to the lock screen. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and check to make sure the Weather app is set to Always allow location access.

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