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Vringo video ringtone app pops into Android Market

The fun video ringtone app Vringo is now available to download from the Android Market.

Vringo on Android

Vringo isn't one to let its video ringtone application languish in beta. After about a month and a half after Android users could begin playing around with the beta, the Vringo app for Android (story) has popped into the Android market.

Unlike the standard ringtone concept, where you assign the ditty you hear every time a certain contact phones you, with Vringo, you select the media that plays on your buddy's handset. In other words, when you call a friend who also has Vringo installed, they'll see the video ringtone you've chosen to represent you. Think of it as a singing, moving profile picture.

The Vringo download is free, and so are most vringos. You can also make your own video ringtones on Vringo's Web site, or upload videos from the Android phone.

Vringo is available for Android phones, except one. Samsung Galaxy-toters are currently out of luck.