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Voice dictation is now done in real time on iOS 8

Previously, you had to tap a button before iOS would transcribe your voice to text.

Voice dictation in action on iOS 8. Jason Cipriani/CNET

With the changes to voice dictation in iOS 8, the biggest pain point of using the feature has been eliminated -- that being the Done button.

That is to say, once you're running iOS 8, you can start voice dictation as you normally would, but you only have to press the Done button once you are truly done with your message (instead of every couple of sentences). Your device will transcribe your words in real time with little pause between the time you say something and when it shows up in the text field.

The process for enabling voice dictation on iOS 8. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Just the other day I was sitting in an airport waiting to board my flight when an older lady sitting next to me began talking to her phone. At first I assumed she was on a phone call, only to realize later she was using the voice dictation feature on iOS to transcribe an email.

The monotonous method of dictating a sentence, tapping on Done, and waiting for iOS to convert spoken words into text didn't come across as the best experience for her. Thankfully, Apple has now improved this process vastly.

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