Vodafone wins war for AirTouch

The British conglomerate buys the U.S. wireless company for an etimated $56 billion, ending a fierce bidding war.

Following a two-week bidding war, Britain's Vodafone Group emerges victorious, acquiring AirTouch Communications for an estimated $56 billion. Bell Atlantic late Friday called off its talks with the wireless giant, amid concerns that the Baby Bell may have been biting off more than it could chew. The merged company, with a combined market capitalization of about $110 billion, will be the largest independent wireless company in the world.

Vodafone to buy AirTouch for $56 billion
update AirTouch Communications accepts Vodafone Group's bid of close to $56 billion, ending a bidding war for the San Francisco-based mobile phone giant.

Bell Atlantic calls off AirTouch talks
The Baby Bell calls off merger discussions with mobile phone company AirTouch Communications, clearing the way for an offer made by a British rival.

MCI WorldCom won't bid for AirTouch
The No. 2 long distance company said it won't make a bid for mobile phone company AirTouch Communications, following bids by Bell Atlantic and Britain's Vodafone Group.

AirTouch bidding war deflates Internet hype
news analysis Internet IPOs and mergers have made millions for investors, but the ongoing bidding war over AirTouch dwarfs even front-page deals like the $4.2 billion Netscape-AOL merger

Global wireless wars edge closer to home
news analysis Vodafone Group's bid for AirTouch marks a new step forward in the wireless phone market, a possible precursor to growing overseas interest in U.S. firms.

Vodafone makes rival bid for AirTouch
update Wireless firm AirTouch Communications confirmed that Britain's Vodafone Group had made a rival bid to purchase the company, in an apparent attempt to derail merger talks between AirTouch and Bell Atlantic.

How big can Bell Atlantic get?
news analysis With more than $100 billion in proposed mergers on its plate if the company completes a deal with AirTouch Communications, Bell Atlantic's ambitions may be starting to strain the company's ability to expand.

Bell Atlantic, AirTouch work on takeover deal
Bell Atlantic said it's in talks with AirTouch Communications, the largest wireless phone company, and people familiar with the companies said weekend negotiations failed to reach a definitive agreement on the proposed $43 billion stock acquisition.