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Vodafone to offer free texts on Friday

Vodafone is offering 100 free international texts to all customers this Friday. It's part of World Hello Day. Stop laughing

This Friday, Vodafone customers will be able to send international texts for free all day.

Friday 20 November is World Hello Day -- don't laugh, it's a real thing! To celebrate, you'll be able to text people almost anywhere in the world from your pay as you go or contract phone, for free. The texts won't count against your contracted allowance, and you'll be able to send up to 100.

If you have loads of friends and family overseas but you aren't a Vodafone customer, you could snap up a cheap Vodafone PAYG SIM and spend the day regaling them with 160-character tales of your exploits. We might do just that, sending witty quips to our buddies at CNET US, nos amis de CNET France, and our mates down under at CNET Australia.

Media messages aren't included though, so there'll be no sending pictures of your naughty bits to that girl you met in Minorca. There'll be no free texting to UK numbers either, even if the people concerned are overseas at the time.

This Friday is also Universal Children's Day, the Transgender Day of Remembrance, and the launch date of Assassin's Creed II. So go nuts.