Vodafone to give three months of free unlimited data

Vodafone has a new offer called Data Test Drive, whereby new and upgrading customers get three months of free, unlimited data.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Vodafone has a new offer called Data Test Drive, which gives new and upgrading Vodafone pay-monthly customers three months of unlimited, free data. Not too shabby.

When you sign up with Vodafone, or when your contract's ended and it's time to upgrade, you'll be given a choice of data plans. Regardless of which you choose, you get three months of unlimited data, then when the offer is up Vodafone will let you know how much data you used, and how it fits with the plan you opted for.

If, during the time it was free, you burned through what would have been your allowance, Vodafone will offer up some extra data packages.

If you're part-way through a contract, hard luck -- you'll have to wait until it's time to upgrade before you get your mitts on any unlimited data.

The offer means you can go crazy with the downloads for three months before your data gets capped. We recommend loading up on apps, movies and the like, enough to last you the duration of your contract, and not getting into the bad habit of consuming massive amounts of data while it's all free. Otherwise you'll be in for a nasty shock once the free, unlimited data gets yanked.

The deal's not available for any mobile, only for Vodafone's range of smart phones. It might be worth checking whether the phone you're after is covered before signing on the dotted line, and you won't get the three months of unlimited data if you're using a cheaper, non-smart phone blower.

Vodafone told us that tethering is allowed with this three-month deal, and it should be an offer the network runs for some time.

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